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I’m an entrepreneur, a writer and graphic designer, based in Prior Lake, MN. I work with editors, bloggers and app developers to transform ideas into existence.

Collaborations are welcome. 


My Work

Take Me To Nirvana (Psychological Novel) - Author and Cover Illustrator

A powerful, heartfelt story about a man setting out to find a troubled young woman who mysteriously vanishes one day.

ISBN-13: 978-0999277720

Erase (Psychological Novel) - Author and Cover Illustrator

A dark, poignant story about a woman's battle between her own subconscious and conscious mind.

ISBN-13: 978-0999277706

Robo Cat Story - UI/Scene Designer, Character Concept and Art

A colorful 2D action role-playing game about love, dealing with loss and grief created by Tigs & Gin Studio.


Moody Melon Magazine - Founder, Chief Editor and Columnist

A fun, upbeat magazine specializes in content that focus on all things first dates, breakups and everything in between.


TheBookmarkNovelist - Owner and Product Designer

A online stationery store selling unique hand-crafted products targeting readers and writers who love to read and write with style.