ALLISON HAD JUST dozed off after hours of tossing and turning, before she heard an everlasting, tonal siren coming from downstairs that woke her. Her body still ached. She was still very much tired yet in a way wide awake when she got to her cell phone ringing from the kitchen counter where she left it. Without thinking, she rejected the unknown call and brought it along up the stairs with her. It started to ring again in her hand.

She stopped a few steps outside the master bedroom to look down at the bright screen. It was another unknown call. This time she answered it.


“Hi, Allie.” A gravelly, male voice responded.

It can’t be… “Who is this?”

“It’s Adrian.”

Her heart skipped a beat hearing the name that confirmed her speculation. Turning away from the bedroom door, she sat down and held her one free hand over her mouth to muffle her voice as she continued, “How did you get this number?”

“That’s not important —”

“It is to me.”

“I want to see you, Allie.”

She paused to gulp, and then told him bluntly, “It’s not possible.”

“Don’t say no to me before considering it first.”

Despite his plea, exactly what she did not allow herself time for, was to consider it.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. Please, don’t call me again.”

“Allie —”


“Allie wait!”

She hung up.

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