December 24, 2017

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase on Amazon

Reviewer: Lilly Charysma from @Lillysbooks

This book is outside any boundary of my imagination. It exceeded my expectations so so much. I am beyond grateful to the author for taking a chance on my reviews and my blog and for providing a gift copy, because “Erase” is one amazing story.

This is such a well-constructed psychological thriller! Allison Skala is one broken up woman. She has no one she can count on in her life. Her husband cheated on her with his step-sister (yes, it’s HIS step-sister) and after her death, their marriage goes from bad to worse. Her best friend Sara is more preoccupied with finding new lovers and her other best friend is her high school boyfriend who still has the hots for her. So she finds someone to confide into – her brother Adrian. But things are never what they appear to be.

The author has structured the book in three parts: Resentment, The Lesser Evil and Conscience.
Each goes in line with the plot development and with Allison’s mental state. The first two parts cover 30 days’ worth of action and believe me, this is some action! There are parts here and there that may seem random and may have no ties to the story but the ending sheds some light. I was already out of my mind waiting to find out who did it!

Being a psychological thriller, “Erase” deals with several mental health issues. But in its center we have depression and its consequences on our mind and actions. We have obsession, we have questions of morality, we have people trying to protect their integrity. This is amazing!

It may not be the kind of book you read around Christmas, as it’s kind of dark, but it’s a great gift for someone who enjoys this type of books. Why? Because it’s a 5 stars read, it’s perfect and crazy fantastic! And I loved it!


February 1st, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

Reviewer: Ami-May Smith from @Shylasopinions

Right, let’s get down to my thoughts… So much to say about this novel which I will shorten down by A LOT !!

Firstly I shall tell you about the book. Alison had a normal life but then it went from normal to disastrous in 0.3 seconds. Her marriage broke down. Her husband cheated. Her sister-in-law died.

The OMG…the ending wasn’t what I imagined at ALL!!
It had me scratching my head all the way through, it was CRAZY!!

It’s definitely correctly filed under psychological thriller because it totally messed with your mind.

This novel was really well written, It is organised into three sections. Which are: Resentment, The Lesser Evil and Conscience. It flipped from reality to fiction throughout, her parents kept massive secrets from her. Due to her life flipping 180 degrees, her friend suggested for her to see a psychiatrist which didn’t go too well. She ended up seeing another psychiatrist which she didn’t know that her parents was connected too.

The way this novel was set up is super interesting and mind-blowing.

Adrian (her brother) had Borderline Personality Disorder despite the things he has done because of it, not talking to his parents etc. He was still there supporting his sister. The way borderline personality disorder is was really good the author had an understanding on how it affects the person with the disorder, how it affected other and how people react more specifically how his parents responded, thought and acted towards him and the things he has done which his BPD is half blamed upon.


January 4, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

Reviewer: Mini Febus from @GirlinCafeSite

Allison Skala had a regular, if troubled, life. Her sister-in-law dies, and she discovers that her husband is cheating on her. Her marriage and personal life are not the same. Her friends have their own issues, and she’s alone in this world. What is an insomniac to do? There’s Detective Martin Blake, who carries numerous past burdens of his own...

Erase surprised me. This is not your typical whodunit — this is a gripping and well-structured thriller. I read this while traveling, and I can’t believe I’d had this in my TBR Kindle list for as long as I did. The characters are compelling, especially Allison. The story development is wonderful. Lots of family dysfunction here. It made me dizzy, but in a good, can’t-put-this-down way. Like a well-framed sculpture, the story stacks up and keeps you guessing all the way to the end. Now for the downsides. The pacing is a little off. It jumps from action-packed to laggy from time to time. If the narrative or dialogue don’t add to the story, then it doesn’t belong there, period. The author should also pinpoint its narrative style a little better. Is it plot driven or character driven? Other than that, I loved this book. J. Y. Barris shows potential — lots of it. Erase has earned four out of five cinnamon cappuccinos. Great read!